From Anne-Marie comes an empowering, no-nonsense practical guide to taking care of yourself and taking on the world.

Hands up if you're fed up with being told you need to go on this diet, you need to behave this way, or you probably shouldn’t wear this outfit...the list goes ooooon.

Anne-Marie's been told these things her whole life too and they didn't make her feel any better. But now, she's discovered the simple tools that mean she treats herself with the love and respect she needs and this, in turn, means she's able to go out into the world and be as strong, confident and true to herself as she can be. And she wants YOU to be able to do the same.

YOU DESERVE BETTER is the must-read book from singer-songwriter Anne-Marie that doesn't give you fluffy promises about self-care but speaks honestly about body image, mental health, being successful at work and more. It's the real advice that every person needs to hear to be happier in themselves and in the world. Cause you know what?


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Why can’t I order in my country?
YOU DESERVE BETTER is available in almost every country. If your country wasn’t listed above give Waterstones a try who ship globally.

Are there signed copies available?
There are! Signed copies are available from WHSmith and Waterstones in the UK. With the exception of a few countries Waterstones ships globally.

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